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2020/11/20 PM 02:28:08 Bali Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Bali Psychiatric Center Organization


Bali Psychiatric Center Organization 

• Superintendent

• Deputy Superintendent

• Committees

    Selection Committee institutional Review Board A total of 31 committess/boards

• Medical Departments

    Addication Prevention Section

    Community Psychiatry Department

    Child & Adolescent Psychiartry Department

    Psychosomatic medicine Section

    Geriatric Psychiatry Section

    General Psychiatry Department

• Medical Affairs Department


    Pharmacy Department

    Social Work Department

    Clinical Psychology Department

    Occupational Therapy Department

    Nutrition Section

    Nursing Department

• Administrative Department

    Teaching and Research Section 

    Infonation Section

    Planning Section

    Civil Service Ethic Office

    Personal Office

    Accounting Office

    General Affairs Office

    Medical Administration Office


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