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Medical Education and Research Development Management Committee

2020/5/29 AM 10:25:41 Bali Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare


Medical Education and Research Development Management Committee

For the promotion of teaching and research, our hospital has set up a medical education and research development management committee. It also divides into teaching, training, and research divisions to maintain the quality of our hospital.


Team introduction


Teacher Training Center

Examination and revision of rules and regulations for teacher cultivation

Curriculum planning for the cultivation of clinical teachers in the hospital

Review of new clinical teachers in each unit

Evaluation of clinical teachers quarterly

Counseling toward unfit clinical teachers

Selection of excellent teachers every year


Education and Training Group

Review of teaching rules and regulations

Training program of clinical medical personnel

Teaching and training courses plan for the hospital

Review the teaching and training cost of various departments

Other matters related to education and training


Research and Development Group

Review of research rules and regulations

Review of official training

Review of research activities cost of various departments

Review the personnel paper award

Other matters related to research


Clinical Skills Research & Development Group

Assistance in promoting clinical technical training activities

Assistance in the compilation, consolidation and management of training courses

Operation guide and management of training and teaching materials

Operation guidance and management of multimedia teaching software

Administration and management of various activities


International Academic Communication Group

Assist colleagues for international academic communication

Assist visit arrangements for international academic communication


Research Counseling Group

Suggestions and guidance to assist colleagues in research implementation

Suggestions and guidance to assist colleagues in paper writing



Book budget compilation and execution

Book information service and promotion













































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